Franz Bardon and Dion Fortune: Man, Woman and Mastery of the Universe in Modern Occultism

Maia Lyon Daw’s MA thesis on Modern Occultism and gender was published by LAP in 2012 and is available for free as a monograph from the University of Amsterdam here.

‘Franz Bardon (1909-1958) and Dion Fortune (1890-1946) were two highly influential late modern occultists who developed elaborate practical esoteric systems. They both made major contributions to the evolution of Western esoteric ideas in the 20th century with their own curious interpretations of Neoplatonic thought.
This thesis covers the complex connections between the rise of practical occultism and the interconnected issues of gender, feminism and sexual liberation, demonstrating the significance of occult thought in the progress and evolution of Western culture.
The systems of Bardon and Fortune were essentially heterodox, incorporating ritual magic in the Hermetic path of refining one’s soul to become Divinity. These ideas were again adopted and adapted by Neopagans and contemporary esotericists and are part of a long history of subversion and rebellion against oppressive traditional modes of being in Western culture. Further to this, this thesis aims to demonstrate the impact of mythological narratives on the individual and society, and how new mythologies can counter rigid traditional constructs determining our experience of reality.’

Read the Heterodoxology Review here.